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We do proper engineering. You get stuff that works.
Rcoded is the place where getting things done means more than doing what one was asked to. It means doing what is needed for the project to become successful. Means staying proactive, staying prudent, staying professional.

Rcoded is a group of experts that actually care about your project's success. For our mobile app developers, web solution architects, backend engineers, UI/UX designers, analysts, and blockchain specialists, your project is another challenge.
The challenge that we accept.

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Build a business.
55% of the world's population has access to the internet. 3,96 out of 7,2 billion spend time in the digital space, using a variety of native apps and web-based services. Yet, the two biggest mobile platforms already offer over two million apps each, not to mention a countless number of services accessible through a browser.
Upgrade the company.
In many ways, business success is a matter of innovation. Business innovation, in turn, is a matter of software development. Making the internal processes in your establishment more secure, the labor of your employees more efficient, the management system more advanced or the statistics collection more automated, you boost the performance while cutting the expenses.
Expand the outreach.
Whatever business you run, our app development services is how you attract more people to it. Get a web app to reach as many device and desktop users as you can. Grow your audience by ensuring the ever-excellent user experience while concurrently improving services in response to the feedback and market trends.
Gain a competitive advantage.
Give your clients the convenience and high performance of native apps. 2,218 billion people use smartphones and tablets, many of them are already familiar with your business. Give them what your competitors struggle to. Android app development grants you access directly to the 86% preferring the Google-powered OS; with iOS app development, you reach the relatively small but highly lucrative markets of Apple users in North America, UK, China, and Scandinavia.
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Don't trust promises. Analyze the facts.
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We don't mislead you

We're from Ukraine and we don't try to make you think otherwise and pay the rates of an onshore software development services provider.

Rcoded is a newly founded, relatively small company. But it's not a name that codes, it's not a number that delivers. Individuals do. Most of us have been in the business for 5-8 years, which means that we know what we're doing. It just took us a long time to start doing stuff our own way, which is why the brand that we devised is not that reputed yet.
Rcoded is the outsourcing company. We're not an outstaff and we make a perfectly clear statement here

Rcoded takes responsibilities. Many web and mobile app development companies fail to provide accurate estimates or even don't complete the project entirely simply because that's not what they are after. An outstaffing model implies the income to be dependent on the number of specialists involved and the amount of time they log, while all of the responsibilities fall on the customer's side. In other words, with an outstaffing model, you have the party interested in nothing but expanding the team and prolonging the project. If you run out of funds - it's your fault. If the developers you hire don't deliver - you're the manager, it's your problem.

Most of us have the experience working in outstaffing companies and we've seen all of that many times over. Working this way doesn't feel good. Moreover, it doesn't work in a long-term perspective and you cannot scale such a business in any way except for hiring more players and deceiving more and more clients.

Since we expect the reputation to work for us, allowing to increase the hourly rates and decrease the expenses on marketing, we're interested in getting the job done the best way possible. We need you to be satisfied with our services and we lose just as much as you do if we fail. It's as simple as that.

We don't cater to everyone

When it comes to the blockchain app development, web, and native mobile apps, we don't tackle the project if we see it cannot be effectively completed by us. Our services are not cheap because they are geared towards challenging, long-term projects relying on the proactivity and creativity from the development team. That may be not what your venture needs and we feel responsible for delivering the clear and honest answer to you.

Rcoded is likely to not suit the projects that:
  • Imply the development team to blindly follow the orders
  • Value low cost over high quality and predictability
  • Are too small to be reasonably built with a full-fledged team
Dedicated teams only (exception for the consulting services)

All of our app development services run on a dedicated team model and there is a good reason for that. Dedicated team means a group of experts working on your project alone. They dive deeply into the business conditions and technical requirements while teaming up to deliver the expected quality.

The dedicated team approach is the only way to create the actually upscale product. It doesn't work for short-term ventures but is more than reasonable for the complicated, labor-tense projects with a highly variable scope. The dedicated team model implies no communication limitations, perfectly clear billing (monthly fee depending on the number of team members and their skills/responsibilities), and the greatest possible concentration on the end result combined with the agility and flexibility that app development typically commands.
The actual price of communication is high and we're well aware of that

If you're worried about how are you supposed to work on a technologically complicated matter with a team headquartered thousands of kilometers away from you, let us quell your worries. A plethora of tools make such a communication convenient and efficient. English is not an issue either.

We're open to face-to-face meetings, whether at your or our site. A workshop is another option - we arrive at your place to aggressively decompose the requirements within 2-3 days in order to form the basic vision/architecture for an MVP.

The amount of tactical communication between you and our team as the project moves on is also up to you. Check the progress and arrange standups on a daily basis for a greater involvement or save time and let our managers do all the routine - you decide.
Renounce the risks. Select reliable development services.