is looking for a backend software engineer
We need:

  • Your experience in designing and building REST/RPC APIs;
  • Experience with Ruby On Rails 5+;
  • Test-driven development; unit and integration tests development capabilities;
  • Your desire to deal with multiple programming languages and the previously unexplored technologies;
  • Your solid understanding of enterprise design patterns;
  • Your preference to act independently and yet responsibly;
  • Intermediate English;
  • Meaningful architecture design documentation that you can create;
  • Precise estimates of yours.

A plus would be experience in:

  • Go programming;
  • Crystal programming;
  • Docker/Kubernetes;
  • AWS;
  • Development of software for embedded devices;
  • Web or native mobile development;
  • The Prometheus stack.

We offer:

— Fair compensation - even though we're a startup, we do have money;
— Proactivity and learning are promoted;
— You arrive at office at any time or stay at home - we don't care. What we do care about is how many hours you've logged and how much of a value you've brought;
— Paid vacation and no problem having the needed rest if you get sick;
— Overall, a healthy business environment - no overtime, no overstress.

About us:

We're a startup. The one that already got some traction though. So, yeah, none of these is going to end in a month and your code will actually be making peoples' lives better. No annoying corporate stuff whatsoever.

The tech stack:

Sidekiq, Rails, Gruf, Go, Crystal (Lucky), Docker, Kubernetes, Postgres, ActiveMQ.
Feel like coding a useful thing? Something that doesn't die in the alpha, something that people can make use of here, in this country?

Let us know.