Mobile app development services from Rcoded
Great user experience for your clients. Awesome client experience for you.
The key difference between native apps and their web-based counterparts is that the former integrate with the operating system of the device. The resultant access to the powerful and diverse hardware offered by modern mobile platforms and the physical presence on the device provide a full range of benefits leading to the exceptionally effective customer engagement.

Whether the planned mobile solution is to be the principal point of contact between you and your audience or it's just another step in your company services' advancement, native iOS and Android apps is the path you choose these days. Our custom mobile app development services only make that way easier.

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Full-stack, high-quality and on time.
Get a profitable business on App Store and Google Play faster, simpler.
Make our experienced mobile app development team your team. Create a mobile app effectively, with our developers, UX and UI design makers, and business analysts to get the most out of your investment.
Conduct a superficial analysis
First call
Collect technical requirements
1-3 extra calls
Go through the discovery phase / Conduct a comprehensive business analysis
1-2 weeks
Make the app prototype/ Prove the concept
1-2 weeks
Enhance the prototype based on your feedback, develop the project plan, provide accurate estimates
Up to 4 weeks
Develop and deploy the Minimum Viable Product
2-4 months
Refine and upgrade the product, relying on market acceptance and your own suggestions
Not limited
Watch the servers, fix the bugs, solve crashes, support the product 24/7
Not limited
Share the idea
Answer questions
Get the feedback and suggestions
Get operatable code or user interface, ensure the project is feasible and further investments are reasonable
Finalize the scope, get all the needed data for informed decisions
Get the early version of the app, collect the feedback and statistics
Attain the improved version of the app, expand the audience
Have the ever-growing audience becoming more and more loyal to your products and/or services
Dedicated in every way.
When it comes to the complex app development projects consuming months of work and tens/hundreds thousands of dollars, the only way to code and design things right is to do it with a dedicated team. And it's not just an organizational pattern.

Dedicated teams at Rcoded are committed to the products they're working on. Every mobile app developer at our office is inspired to not merely follow the orders but to stay proactive, to use the whole of his or her experience for the benefit of the client.
What does a dedicated team mean to your development project?
Iterative approach – agile methodology
Daily communication, monthly billing and the natural development of the team knowledge base make fundamental changes in the project not just possible but cost-effective and timely, translating into the generally greater results and overall success of the project.
Much lower expenses in a long-term perspective
Transmission of the project knowledge, research, and team formation take time, making dedicated teams expensive and somewhat ineffective at the beginning. Yet, after the initial phases of the project are complete, dedicated team model becomes 20-30% more effective at developing the app and up to 50% more effective at supporting and enhancing the software.
What does a dedicated team mean to your development project?
Higher quality of the end product
The ultimate result of skilled professionals in your team being handpicked by yourself, their minds being focused on your project alone and all the management and organizational barriers being removed is the greater experience of your customer.
What does a dedicated team mean to your development project?
Predictable and transparent billing
Every month you pay a single sum of money. Depending on the size and composition of your app development team, it lets you estimate the overall cost and feasibility of the project at each of its stages. The sum includes each team member's monthly salary, plus the fee for the administrative and infrastructure services, as well as overhead.
What does a dedicated team mean to your development project?
Unrestricted communication and control
Since the given employees spend their business hours rendering mobile app development services to you alone, the management, control, and stand-ups can be conducted at nearly any time convenient for you, offsetting the time zone difference and allowing overtime if needed.
What does a dedicated team mean to your development project?
Information is one thing making decisions good. Experience is how they get brilliant.
Hybrid apps don't work.
The idea to combine iOS app development or Android app development with the process of web engineering, i.e. to create one cross-platform app instead of several separate products seems reasonable, but it never is.
Find the former and learn from the latter. Here and now.
Tablet and mobile apps are not the same.
From a technical standpoint, iPhone and iPad apps, as well as those shared between the corresponding Android devices are the same. Yet, since the whole point of an app for a portable device is the convenience and excellent user experience, it's always reasonable to opt for the layouts with different combinations of fragments that would adapt to best fit the screens of different sizes.
Web development may be the future, but definitely not the present.
Many mobile app development companies and analysts claim that the time of native apps is gone and the somewhat cheaper and simpler web apps are how you reach mobile users these days. This is true only if the app in question is aimed at big screens (i.e. it's not the mobile audience that you're focusing on), offers the vast functionality, implies plain design and commands next to no processing power.
Don't trust guesswork, trust facts.
The quicker you roll out the MVP version of your product and start getting the feedback from the real world, the quicker you learn the actual value of your project. Until then, whatever it's your judgments and decisions base on, they are nothing but speculations.

Addition of features, overall polishing and enhancement only make sense after the thorough analysis of the MVP launch results is complete. This is where the majority make a mistake, believing in theories and seeking no solid facts. Don't follow the suit.
Renounce the risks. Select reliable development services.